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PLEAse note: 

DUE TO COVID-19 we will be postponing all residencies/classes until further notice. Please feel free to send us a message with any questions and we will do our best to keep you updated.


An Experiment in Living

Skullback Studios program offers artist/writer/curatorial residencies to regional, national and international individuals. The program invites participants to apply to live, work, exhibit and connect with our vibrant community. The goals set out for residents are to create a new body of work which reflects their personal experience within our community creating context for connection to the global community. 

Our international exchange program is best described as a living laboratory. Participants are expected to maintain a rigorous, self-directed practice. Residents have their own fully equipped cabin and studio space during the stay and share other facilities including workshop and gallery spaces. The artist/writer/curator is invited to engage with the community in a way that is appropriate to their work. This may take any form including research, discussion, performance, workshops, lectures, or other collaborations.


Our residencies encourage creativity and innovation in all disciplines... And we're not just for artists. Educators, Entrepreneurs, and Engineers, can all benefit from our retreats. A multi-disciplinary approach to exploration engagement and creation.

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